Mike's Story

Born and raised in Boston, Mass, Mike Reddish is the founder of MK Upholstery. At the age of 8 he was given his first tool set and at 13 he learned to sew. He has worked with furniture companies, leather goods manufacturers, art galleries, museums and over many years has perfected his ability to produce outstanding results for his customers.

In 2010, Mike apprenticed under a bespoke leather upholstery craftsman who works for Ralph Lauren, David Letterman, Aston Martin America and several top Manhattan hotels. Mike is certified in advanced leather upholstery work as well as with the IICRC. Mike's diverse capabilities allow him to work within all types of upholstery applications and offers access to the finest materials that exist.

Mike takes pride making quality handmade goods crafted with love that will be cherished and passed down to future generations.